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Karazhan Attunement


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Karazhan Boost

Description of the Service

If you are full of pain with the current actual raid of the burning crusade classic, please watch our mercenary service! It’s called Karazhan boost for the wow 2.5.1. It means that we call for your journey with a special group full of epic players, which can do karazhan so easily.

So if you have troubles with raids in the Wow 2.5.1. All you need is to buy our service. We can save your time, yournerves, and your forces for much more interesting activities. Karazhan boost Is your unique chance to get the best pics from the start of the TBC: Classic.

So stop wasting your time and enduring pain! Buy Karazhan boost wow 2.5.1

Your Rewards

When you buy our service Karazhan boost 2.5.1 wow you can get the chance for the next rewards:

  1. The best BiS gear for your character.
  2. Tons of gold.
  3. Special rare mount, which dropped only from classic karazhan in the wow 2.5.1
  4. Get a lot of fun.
  5. Get experience of playing with the best team of raiders ever!

And that’s not all!


We have no gear requirements for this service. But if you want to get it with maximum profit, please be sure about some of the next things:

  1. You already paid for your Wow: TBC C subscription;
  2. You already have a 70th level character.
  3. You do all the quest for attunement for the Karazhan.
  4. You can uncheck your blizzard authenticator, if you want to get this service in the pilot-mode play.

We also can ask you about your location, for setting our VPN. We use this information to get the maximum level of security of our services! Good luck in Karazhan, journeyman!