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Leveling 1-70
Leveling 1-70



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1-70 leveling WOW:BC

Description of service

The leveling in the World of Warcraft: The burning crusade classic are painful. You should spend thousands of hours to get the 58 level. Then you are getting the outland, where your speed of exp is get down. It so slow, so boring and so pain. All mobs can prown you for the short time. Therefore, you can feel the pain like a Harold, or you can buy 1-70 leveling service for the World of Warcraft: The burning crusade classic.

From the 2.5.1 patch, VictoryWow provides this service in extra fast mode. We have a special boosting team, which can help you get your maximum level as fast as it possible.

Your rewards

From this service, you’ll get:

  • Full upped character, ready to the burning crusade epic adventures.
  • Standard “quest” gear.
  • A lot of gold.
  • Some matts
  • Boosted profession (additional option).

In addition, we are use some specific methods for your fast leveling. That is why you’ll get more free quest, which will get you extra gold for your adventures. Cause regular questing is the best and the fastest way how to earn first 5k gold for the main character!

However, the main reward is saved thousands of hours for boring questing, which you can spend for the dungeons and raids from the Wow: TBC Classic starts.

Enjoy your journey for now!


We have no special requirements for 1-70 leveling burning crusade. However, we recommend you to uncheck your blizzard auth to share for us access on your account. In addition, we can ask you about your location. We use this information to check our vpn for the closest place near you.

We guarantee full safety and anonymity of 1-70 burning crusade boost service. So order this, and enjoy your journey in the outland! Don’t waste your time for old azeroth!