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Heroic Dungeon Runs
Heroic Dungeon Runs



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Heroic dungeon run

Description of the service

The classical dungeon system looks full of pain, if we compare it with the actual dungeon system. When you want to go for the heroic version of the chosen instance, you should complete in the normal mode. When you should farm the reputation to get a key. And only when you’ll get your chance for a heroic dungeon run.

You can farm this all month, and search for a good group. Or you can buy a heroic dungeon run for the world of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic right now.

We already farmed all the keys, and get Well-geared group for your experience. That’s why we can guarantee for you the best result with the cheapest price on the market.

So stop wasting your time, go and buy a heroic dungeon run for the Wow: TBC Classic!

Your rewards

From service, which is call heroic dungeon carry by Wow: TBC classic you’ll get:

  1. Your BiS gear from the Heroic dungeon, if it drops.
  2. A lot of gold.
  3. A lot of matts.
  4. A bit of reputation from the instance run.

And also much more fun, experience, and saved nerves! Cause you’ll be in the instance with the Professional boosting team!


You don’t need to have attunement for any heroic dungeons, because when you are in our party, we will use our own key to unlock the needed dungeon. So before you will go and buy heroic dungeon run for the world of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic, please be sure about:

  1. You already up your character to the 70th level.
  2. You already clear this dungeon in the normal mode.
  3. You can share for us access to your account by unchecking your blizzard authenticator (pilot-mode only).

And… that’s all! Enjoy your Heroic dungeon run right now!