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Dungeon boost for World of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic

Do you know which adventure is the main one in World of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic? Of course, the right answer is dungeoning.

Because only in a dungeon you can check your skills more often, than in raids. Nevertheless, Dungeons in the TBC Classic are not as easy as it was in the actual wow. So now we’re providing for you our helping services. We recommend you buy dungeon boost for the world of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic!
On these pages you can find next services:

  1. Normal Dungeons clear;
  2. Full gear farm Normal Dungeon (Pre-bis farm);
  3. Key for Heroic Dungeon;
  4. Chosen heroic dungeon Clear.

All you need in one click! We’re providing the best Dungeon boost service in the world of Warcraft: the burning crusade classic, cause our players were here more than 10 years ago, when BC was actual, not classic!

All these services include the Trade-loot option, and you can get your maximum pre-Raid gear in the short time. We have no Gear requirements for these services. All you need is a 60th level character.

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