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Torghast Carry boost
Torghast Carry boost



Both wing


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Torghast Carry boost | Choose your layer

Description of the Service

Torghast, Tower of the Damned — is the new Mechanics for the World of Warcraft, with dynamical random Dungeon. It’s separated for 8 wings for 8 layers. Only 2 wings available for one weekly Cooldown. This mechanics was developed as random Roguelike dungeon. But as truth, this mechanics is too boring, cause by them all players must grind Torghast every week for more than 8 hours every day. Buy Torghast Carry boost by VictoryWow, and forget about all the boring time, with all their fails with Tower of the Damned!

You can choose your layer, in which you want to go. You can choose how many carriers will go with you. After you order and buy Torghast carry boost, you’ll get your own 2 proBoosters, which will go with you to Torghast, and clear it for you.

We know, that Torghast isn’t easy mechanic. That’s why for your carry we attached boosters with average gear more than 210. By this, we can guarantee successful of this service.

Your rewards

Through this service you can get next things:
  1. 200 Soul ashes per each closed level by other boosters team.
  2. A bit gold, matts and other random drop.
  3. Chance to get legendary effect for your weapon in the transmogrification.
  4. Chance to get BoE epics from random drop.
  5. Chance to get Legendary powers for Rune Carver.
  6. Some parts of your Plot. Like rare cinematics.
Also you’ll get a lot of fun and experience about playing with proBoosters. If you chose, Self-play of cause!

Warning: Amount of Soul ash depends from your chosen Layer.
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Torghast isn’t simple service for regular players. But don’t worry we have NO GEAR REQUIREMENTS for this service. But if you have not bad gear, and want to play by self, it been much easier, if your gear upper than 190. If your gear are below of this, we also will attach to you additional booster, which will work for you.

Also if you chose Self-play mode, we can’t guarantee you 100% success, cause amount of death depends from your accurate and skill. But if you chose Pilot-play mode, we’ll guarantee you successful of the operation “Torghast, tower of the Damned” boost!

By the way, before you’ll order this service, please check our requirements to get it:
  1. You have already bought World of Warcraft: shadowlands.
  2. You up your character to the 60th level.
  3. You don’t forget to close all your plot.
  4. You’ve got access for the Torghast and the Maw.
  5. Your Wings in the Torghast isn’t closed by Death Cool Down.
  6. You can uncheck your Blizzard authenticator to share for us access for your character until we done.
Also if you use Pilot-mode service, we’ll ask you about your City and country. We will use this information to set our VPN to the closest place near to you.