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Torghast Services

Torghast — how many pain on this word you feel? Every week every player must go to this Damned tower to get resources For Rune Carver. Of cause legendary powers from Rune Carver is the best way to boost your gear, boost your health and DPS for raid. But let’s watch to the Truth. Are you have every week, more than 10 hours for boosting all 8/8 layers of Torghast, with all of that random encounters. This is hard, and boring. VictoryWow can offer you Alternative. How about to buy Torghast services for cheap?

What this means? It’s easy. Our professional team will carry you in Torghast, or maybe in twisting corridors if you want. There are always overgeared. They can take you for self-play, or for Pilot-mode. One click will save more than 10 hours of your life. Cause you must to get fun from Game, not for Grind. If you want know more about our Torghast services, please visit page with our offers.

Torghast carry

Toghast carry is our classic boost service. We will attach you for group with overgeared character, which will carry you. Also this service available for pilot-mode.
The biggest difficult of this service — is random encounter. To minimize risk of falling in Torghast, we always use group with more than 2 Boosters. For one service we can boost you for one of 2 available wings on this week.
So if you need both of them, you should buy this service for multiple. If you always need a big discount, you can mail us by the chat in the right corner of this screen, or write to us by the Discord. We always glad to get discounts for our regular customers!

Corridor carry

Also we provide our best service: Twisting corridor carry. For what you can be needed for Twisting corridor carry? Also for corridor Creeper.
Corridor creeper — is the Unique mount. This is the hardest to get mount in the game, cause it’s need from players a lot skill. Also this is mount give you Ability to ride on it with all bonus speed in the MaW.
We are not joke. This is the only way to ride on the Maw. And all we know, how is hard to getting something in the maw without mount.
Buy our Corridor Creeper service, which you can see in our special page, you can buy this mount by boosting Twisting corridors.

Our Advantages

Why Customers are fall in love with us? Cause we’re the best on this market. We can guarantee full safety of your transaction. If you’re imagine situation, in that you’ll get ban by our service, we will compensate you not only our price of this service, but all your price for the World of Warcaft!
For getting our service much more secure than others, we use Special VPN servers, which are located near to you. We never use any unavailable possibility of this game. NoCheats, no Bots, no other forbidden things.
Only Good Boosters, from top Guilds of your Realm, which can help you get anything. Just one click separates you from the opportunity to receive all!
Own them All. Carry your Torghast, and don’t worry for anything. Only jailer can watch that’re u do!
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