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Routines Services

Routines — is the page, where you can find our rare services. We can say you that no one can provides you Routines so cheap and so fast, as we’re! Our main philosophy of routines, is that we save not only your nerves and time. We save your lust of playing World of Warcraft. Cause all of routines, like Reputation farm, or Everyday Torghast boosting can destroy your love to game. Stop endure this, and buy Routines services.
Now we can do all boring things for you, almost free and so fast, as it been possible ever!
Note: List of routines everyday adding new services. If you don’t see needed to you routine, contact us by the Chat-form on the right corner of page, or by Discord.

Current Routines

For Today, VictoryWow provides next type of your Routines:
  1. Argent Commendation farm.
  2. Full covenant Campaign.
  3. Covenant Transmogrification set boost.
  4. Legendary Powers farm.
  5. Renown your Covenant boost weekly cap.
  6. Reputation farm.
  7. Soul Ash farm.
  8. The Great Vault farm.
Also we can farm for you any mount, or do the services of the past Expansion. As for example, we can farm for you Vulpera or mechagnome races, or anything else interesting. Maybe you need loremaster or something else? We can provide all this for you.
World of Warcraft is not only for Gear chase. This game have lot of interesting activities and boring routines. If you think, that you need something of cosmetics, but won’t to spent time for it. Just Buy!

Full covenant Campaign

Covenant campaign — is the best way to get y our Pre-bis Gear by up your all items for 197 ilvl. It’s not easy to close all 20 covenant campaign missions. For regular players Full covenant campaign takes for about 25-30 hours of playing. You can save your time for raiding or dungeoning by buying this routine.
After you buy Covenant campaign finish boost, we’re take control of your character and do all quests by plot for chosen covenant!

Covenant Transmogrification set boost

Covenant transmogrification set — is the only one thing, that can help change your vision for the World of Warcraft: shadowlands. You already knows, that all of Gear are looking simple to pretender set. But if you buy our Covenant transmogrification set farm boost routine, you can save your nerves. Also your Transmogrification items will left for you through all expansion. And you’ll can looks like a different to other players.
Transmogrification of covenant is not just cosmetics. If you’re looking different, for other heals is much easier task to heal you. So less death, less wipes, much more profit.
For this routine you also need a lot of Anima. But we can solve this problem for easy!

Legendary Powers farm

Legendary Powers — is f… hard things to have. It always random drops from instance, dungeon, raids, Torghast, questing, or killing rare mob. And sometimes to get required to you Legendary power, which really boost your DPS/HPS or living not an easy task.
However, we have a lot of time, and really steel nerves, that helps us getting you required legendary power for easy and fast.
We can hell grind it all the time, until you will get your required legendary power for rune carver in the Torghast, tower of the Damned.
Interested fact: do you know what really name of Rune Carver is the lord of The Maldraxxus!

Renown your Covenant boost weekly cap

When you choose your covenant, your routines only starts. To get powerful abilities and advantages from your Covenant. Get all power Conduits for fast and cheap. We will do your Covenant Renown boost weekly cap by one game session, and save you for about 12 hours of playing for each week!

Reputation farm

For the Best gear, Rare mounts and advantages of Ve’nari you should to get full reputation of all 5 Factions. It’s really boring and need for about 100 hours of playing. We can do this much faster, and you’ll get all at once.
Buy our Reputation farm boost for chosen faction, or for all by one click.

Soul Ash farm

Soul ashes is the main currency of the Shadowlands Expansion. If you really need to get power, you need a lot of Soul Ashes.
You can spent them for mounts, GearBoost, Legendary items from Rune Carver. And it can be farmed only from Torghast. That’s why only chosen players can get the most powerful gear in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion.
Do you know, that regular each week farming of Soul ashes can eat more than 20 hours of your playing time. How do you think, isn’t better to spent this time for raiding, or maybe OWN them all on the Arena 3v3?

The Great Vault farm

The Great Vault with Weekly rewards is the great way, how to easy and fast get good gear. But it have one problem. To choose different gear you need to complete much more challenges from the World of Warcraft. More than 10 mythic+ dungeons. More than 9 bosses from raid in heroic difficult. More than 30 Wins on the Arena 3v3.
Can you spent all your time for one week to do all these activities? No? Ok, we will do this for you!

Our Advantages

Why you should provide to us all your routines? When you buy routines, you always save your time for much more interesting challenges and adventures. We can do routines all the time, the you been offline.
At the last but not for at least
Note: All routines for you can been done only for Pilot-mode. For pilot-mode we use VPN, which is set to the closest place near you. That’s why before ordering and buy routines for the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion you should say to our information of your city and country. To get access easier, we can ask you to uncheck your Blizzard authenticator through routines been done.
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