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Castle Nathria Heroic Run
Castle Nathria Heroic Run



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Castle Nathria Heroic Run

Description of the Service

If you’re here you know, that is Castle Nathria for Heroic mode, is painful challenge for well-geared characters. It so hard to find good guild, with good RL that can pass you through this Raid. And it’s much harder to find good group if you’re PuG. But stop wasting your time for boring searching, and get al for now. Buy Castle Nathria Heroic Run from ProBooster VictoryWow team.

We already prepared for this service. All of our boosters have experience from this Raid in Heroic mode. All of our boosters know all tactics, and have gear with Average ilvl more than 210. That’s why we can guarantee you almost no wipe run with good experience and a lot of fun for you.

Have no time for raid? Don’t worry! This service is available for pilot-mode. But if you choose this option you should give us information about your country and city. By this info, we will set nearest to you VPN server, and provide this service with full security of your anonymity, and minimize all risks for you!

Your Rewards

Castle Nathria in Heroic mode offer much more Rewards, than the Normal Castle Nathria. So if you Buy This Raid Run in Heroic mode, you can hope about much huge reward. In Anyway, then you buy Castle Nahria Heroic Run Carry Boost by VictoryWow team, you’ll get:
  1. All 10/10 bosses in this mode.
  2. Good chance to get BoE epic with 220 ilvl. This item can be sold on the AH for more than 100k of gold.
  3. Suitable Gear with 213 average ilvl from 8 first bosses. From 2 last, gear drop is about 200 ilvl.
  4. Chance to get legendary transmogrification effect for you weapon from Sire Denathrius.
  5. Chance to get Legendary Powers for Rune Carver in Torghast!
  6. Some gear from your Weekly Chest. It depends from how many bosses you past, and in which mode it been done.
  7. Achievement from Sire Denathrius Kill!
  8. A bit anima, a bit matts, a bit gold.
Also if you choose our special option which is called “trade-loot”, you can get more loot from each of bosses. This option means, that the players with the same type armor with you, will get you all that game drops them. By trade-loot option, you can get more BiS gear for your character with less runs.
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VictoryWow have no Gear Requirements. We always Glad to see any players, which want to buy Castle Nathria Heroic Run Boost. But if you really want to get this service, with all these rewards, syou should be sure about:
  1. Your Castle Nathria isn’t on the CoolDown. It important. Not in Mythic, not in Normal, Not in Heroic Cooldown for this Cooldown.
  2. If you want to use all power of “Pilot-play”, you need to shre for us access for your account, and uncheck your BlizzAuth.
  3. You also don’t forget to buy Wow:SL, and up your character to 60th level.
  4. You finish main plot, to get access for Revendreth, and your Castle Nathria.
Also we have special note for you. If your Main specialization is Heal or Tank, you should change your talents to DPS through this service. But you can get loot for your main specialization. By taking you for the Raid as DPS, we increase our chance to do Raid much faster, easier and profitable for you!

We waiting you in our Raid Team, if you already bought Castle Nathria Heroic run boost Carry. Stop wasting your time, and go to the most epic battle in the first season of the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion!