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Battleground Boost
Battleground Boost



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Description of service

All we know, that o start of the Shadowlands Expansion the best way to get cool gear, is only be on the Battlegrounds. But this is too bored for regular PVE players. So if you need much more Versality, and want to start your raiding season now, you should up your character as soon as it possible. VictoryWow Provides you our new Gear Boost Service. Buy BG Boost Shadowlands, and get full epic gear in 48 hours after you’ll order it!

This service available only for pilot-mode. We never use any bots, cheats or other things, so we can guarantee safe of this operation. If you’ll buy our BG SL WOW boost, you’ll been never banned on the World of Warcraft Shadowlands Official servers!

Your Rewards

Your Rewards depends from how many honor you need. By this service you’ll get full gear equipment minimum 158 ilvl. A lot of Honor points.

If you buy this service for multiple, we wil farm you so many honor points, so needed to up your gear for 197 ilvl. Chance to get rare PvP mount.

Our Requirements

To get the start PvP gear from the BattleGrounds, you should buy BG boost Shadowlands. Before you’ll order this service, please be sure about:
  1. You have already Bought World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion.
  2. You have 60th level character.
  3. You can share to us access for your character, by unchecking blizzard authenticator.
Cause this service provides only in pilot-mode, we ask you about your country and city, to set our VPN to the closest place, which is near to you.

Forget about BG routines. Get all for now. The start PvP gear for the arena by the buying BG Boost Shadowlands!