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Shadowlands Mythic+ boost for any key
Shadowlands Mythic+ boost for any key



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Shadowlands Mythic+ boost for any key

Description of service

The Mythic+ plus is the biggest pain of the Actual World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. How many times your PuG tank, or heal leave your party, and break your key? How many times you are wipes on the last seconds of timer? You can continue feel the pain, or you can buy Mythic+ run.

VictoryWow provides this service for any key. If you already get the key, we will complete the instance for you, until required keylevel will complete. We have good coordination, and can guarantee you no wipe and timer successful run. If you have no key for your dungeon, we will find for you our player with required keylevel, and will continue from him run.

For keys from 2 to 8, this service available in self-play and pilot-mode. For keys upper than 8th, service available only for pilot-mode. The keys from 8th to 15th need good skill, and good gear, and we can guarantee successful, only if our player will work from your character.

If our group will wipe, or broke the timer, we will repeat dungeoning in mythic+ mode until it been succeed.

Note: we can offer for you our special Calendar of Events, there you can book the place for the hardest keys, like 10 and upper!

Your rewards in mythic+

You can buy one run, or runs until required keylevel will succeed. The Reward will depends, from how many traders for tradeloot you’ll choose, and how many run for mythic+ dungeons Shadowlands you’re bought.

In anyway, if you buy our Mythic+ plus boost, you’ll get:
  1. Succeed run for chosen key.
  2. Your personal key for next week.
  3. The gear from last chest of the Dungeon.
  4. A bit anima.
  5. Chance to get legendary powers for RuneCarver.
  6. The Best gear from your weekly great vault chest.
Also if you chose our Tradeloot (1-3) option, you can get more items, if there’re drops from Dungeon chest.

We can’t guarantee you 100% drop gear from Dungeon chest, but can complete keys, until drop will been yours!

Note: The final Ilvl of your Gear will depends keylevel you chosen before. For more details, please contact us.

Table of Rewars

For “Season one” of Mythic+ Dungeons here’s table of Rewards of your Final Chest of Dungeon, and Weekly Chest.
Rewards Mythic+ shadowlands: season 1
Please, don’t forget about that, there no depends with h ow many keys you have, for you reward from weekly chest. But if you want to get the best gear, you should farming much more Mythic+ dungeons, to get much more rewards, from the Final Chest of Instance!
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To get this service you should check the list of requirements before you order it:
  1. You have already 60th level character.
  2. You finished your Covenant campaign to unlock all 8 dungeons.
  3. You can share us access for your account (only for pilot-mode).
We have no Gear requirements for this service, but if you want to play in Self-play mode, we recommended you to get 168 average ilvl, to decrease chance of your fault on this challenge.