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Mythic+ Plus 15 boost weekly Chest
Mythic+ Plus 15 boost weekly Chest



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Mythic+ Plus 15 boost weekly Chest

Description of service

How to get the Best Gear of the first Season World of Warcraft Shadowlands? Right! Buy our Mythic+ Plus 15 boost weekly Chest. This is service, which include multiple runs in mythic+ dungeons, until last mythic+ plus 15 will be done.

It need a lot of experience, and well-geared team. And we can provide this service to you. After you order it, we will attach you to our best team with average ilvl upper than 200. All of our team are experienced players, which can kill all bosses in every mythic dungeon without wipe.

If we wipe, and broke the key, we will back to the chosen dungeon, and fight them, until it been done.

This service available for self-play and pilot-mode. But we prefer to play in pilot-mode. We always use VPN of your country to do this maximum safe.

Through the progress of Mythic+ 15, you will get a lot of gear, and your own reward from weekly great vault on your Covenant.

Save your time, and nerves. Buy Mythic+ plus 15 boost for your Weekly chest. This is the best way to get BiS gear for your character!

Your Rewards

Then you buy and pay our Weekly chest boost by completed Mythic+ plus 15 key level, you will get:
  1. Completed dungeon of maximum difficult. Mythic+ plus 15 boost.
  2. Rewards from multiple runs of dungeon, through progress. This is means that you’ll get minimum 3 items of Dungeon chest.
  3. Chance to get legendary power for Runecarver.
  4. Chance to get transmogrification effect for your weapon.
  5. Tons of Reservoir anima.
  6. Reputation for chosen covenant.
  7. 220 ilvl Item from your Weekly great chest vault!
  8. A lot of fun and experience.
  9. Saved nerves and time!
Also you can ask us for Trade-loot. That’s mean, what other players in your group with same type of armor will give you reward from the dungeon chest. So buying our Mythic+ plus 15 boost weekly chest, you can get many items, and your average ilvl will be about 200. This is mean that you can continue your adventure for heroic Castle Nathria after you’ll get your Great Vault Weekly chest reward!
Note: if you need more rewards, like 3 or 4 Weekly Chest from Great Vault, please contact us!
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To buy Mythic+ plus weekly chest boost for the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion you should be sure about next things:
  1. You’ve got a World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion.
  2. You’re already 60th level.
  3. You complete your Covenant Campaign.
  4. We have no Gear Requirements, but prefer to work with characters with average item level not below than 151.
  5. You can uncheck your blizzard authenticator to share us access for your account.
This service available for pilot-mode and selfplay. If you choose Pilot-mode, please say for us your country and city. We will use this information to use VPN server, which will be near your place to minimize all risks.
To get more information for this service, or trade for discount, please contact our by Chat-form or available messengers!