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Boost leveling 1-60
Boost leveling 1-60



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Boost leveling 1-60

Description Service

1-60 Extra fast leveling by the VictoryWow is the most popular service on our site. It’s simple, cause we’re boosting your char faster than light, and you can see the result as soon as possible. Our personal record of fast boosting was about 6 hours from start SL: expansion. So if you tired to do all this boring quests again, you should buy our 1-60 extra fast power leveling for the world of Warcraft: shadowlands’ expansion.

This service includes Covenant Campaign clear boost. That’s why you will get full experience of the SL expansion, after you buy our 1-60 boost.

Usually it will start in next 3-4 hours after you pay (if option extra-fast not checked). After that it will playing from your account by using special VPN of your country, until the service been done.

Then we finish, we will inform you about this, and give back control for your character.

Rewards of boost 1-60 level service

If you will buy our 1-60 extra-fast leveling service you will get not only ready-made character for epic battle. You will also:
  1. Have full Covenant Campaign boost.
  2. Unlocked Torghast and the Maw.
  3. Mastery riding skills.
  4. Average gear not below than 110 ilvl.
  5. Tons of gold, reservoir anima, and some of Soul ashes.
  6. Achievement for 1-60 level.
Also if you choose profession option, we will up your profession skill to the maximum of the Shadowlands expansion.
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Requirements for leveling 1-60

We have no special gear requirements, or anything else. But if you want to get extra-fast 1-60 leveling as soon as possible, you should be assume about:
  1. You can share to us account, and uncheck your blizzard authenticator on your blizzard client.
  2. You already payed for next month time on your service.
  3. You don’t forgot buy SL: expansion.
  4. You will not log in to the game, until we end this service.
That’s all. We have no special requirements for your gear, or your class in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands.