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Torghast 10 layer
Torghast 10 layer





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Torghast 10 layer carry

Description of the Service

From the 9.1 the chains of domination in the world of Warcraft: shadowlands was started, the Torghast added new 2 layers, which gives you additional rewards. But to pass this layers, you should have really well-geared character, or you can buy our new service, which is called Torghast 10 layer carry for the wow 9.1. Right now!

Your Reward

From this service you’ll get:

  • New matt for up your legacy items.
  • Some soul ashes.
  • Completed 10 layer of Torghast right now.

Stop wasting your time, and buy Torghast 10 layer carry right now!


To get this service you should be assume about some of the next things:

  • Your gear aren’t below than 207 ilvl.
  • You have already finish y our 8th layer for Torghast.
  • You can share to us access for your account by unchecking blizzard authenticator.

Also we can ask about your location, to choose our vpn for the place is the closest to you!