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Sanctum of Domination Normal Run Carry
Sanctum of Domination Normal Run Carry



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Sanctum of Domination Normal Run Carry

Description of the Service

Sanctum of Domination — second raid in The Shadowlands with the special plot. It start second season of the Shadowlands. This Instance contains 10 bosses with difficult tactics, so it need to get good coordinated and skillful players. For today we Provide for you our Special offer. You can Buy Sanctum of Domination Normal Run.

This service is for regular customers of our site. We can collect for you personal group, or you can book the place in our Event Calendar. We will start raid, and work on it, until it been cleared for full. We have ProBoosters team, which can close Windrunner in normal, heroic or mythic mode without any troubles or wipes.

We always use VPN of your country and city, if you choose “Pilot-mode” play. That’s why we can guarantee you low risks, and our booster were never banned before. So you can continue playing by your character with good boost and achievement gear, after we finished this service!

Your Reward

Through the progress of the service, if you buy Sanctum of Domination Normal run carry boost, you’ll get:

  • Full cleared raid.
  • Chance to get BoE epic with for your character, or for AH trading.
  • Chance to get legendary effect for your Weapon.
  • Some Anima. Amount of units depends on your luck.
  • Chance to get legendary power for Rune Carver.
  • Some Gear from your Weekly Chest. You can get from 1 to 3 random items with 213 ilvl from your Great Vault Chest on the next Week.
  • Achievement from Sylvanna WindRunner Killing.

We will carry you through all raid. Also you can add some traders for you, by using “Trade-loot option”.

This option means, that the players with the same type armor with you, will get you all that game drops them. By trade-loot option, you can get more BiS gear for your character with less runs.


To get our service and Buy Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost be sure about next things:

  • You have bought World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion.
  • You have already finish your plot.
  • You have 60th level character.
  • You can share for us access for your account (only for pilot-mode).
  • Your Sanctum of Domination on this week isn’t on the CoolDown!

Also, don’t forget, if you want to do this service in pilot-mode, you should say for us your country, and city. We use this information only for set nearly closest for you VPN server!

We have no Gear requirements for this service. But if you in the Tank or Heal Specialization, and want to play in the Self-play mode we Recommended you to change your specialization for DPS, and change your drop for Preferred (needed) you Gear specialization. By this, we can guarantee you faster and easier run, if you don’t know mechanics and tactics of this Raid!

Stop wasting your time for Raiding with PuGs. Buy Normal Run Sanctum of Domination Carry boost from VictoryWow!