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Sanctum of Domination Mythic Run Boost Carry
Sanctum of Domination Mythic Run Boost Carry



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Sanctum of Domination Mythic run

Description of the Service

Sanctum of Domination in mythic mode — is the most hardest challenge in the World of Warcraft ever. Only The best players can passed this raid in mythic mode for multiple runs.

To provide service Sanctum of Domination Mythic run boost carry for you, we unite all of our best boosters. And now, we can guarantee you full Pass of this raid in mythic mode with almost no wipes, and with success of timer count.

When you Buy Sanctum of Domination Mythic Run Boost carry, you’ll get the best experience from our team. You’ll get the best gear, best achievement, and lot of fun! You can book the place in our Event Calendar. We will start raid, and work on it, until it been cleared for full. We have ProBoosters team, which can close Sylvanna Windrunner in normal, heroic or mythic mode without any troubles or wipes

Your Reward

Sanctum of Domination in Mythic mode have a much more rewards, than analogue in heroic or normal mode. You’ll get better gear, more Anima, and much more respect through buying this service from Victorywow. In anyway, we guarantee that you’ll get:

  • Full cleared and passed in time Raid Sanctum of Domination in mythic mode.
  • Chance to get BoE epic with. You can sell it for AH or put to you alts.
  • Suitable Best gear more than 259 ilvl for Average. This is the Best gear ever in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion season one!
  • Chance to get legendary transmogrification effect for your character, through Sylvanna Windrunner kill.
  • Chance to get legendary Powers for your Rune Carver!
  • Some Gear from your WeeklyChest. If you buy full clear mythic run, you’ll can chose one of three items from your great vault after week end!
  • Achievement and glory for Sanctum of Domination Raider!
  • Tons of anima, gold, matts for disenchanting and lot of another things.

Do you want to get all the Best gear in less runs? Than you should choose option “Trade-loot”. This option is means, that you can get much more gear for your character from another raiders in this run with same type of clothes!


Success of this service depends not only from our team, but also from you responsibility too. That’s why, Be careful and sure about next things, before you’ll order it:

  • You already have 60th level.
  • You have good connect for Self-play mode. Because success of this service depends from time of raid will cleared, you should not disconnect until it been done.
  • You can share us access for your account, and uncheck your blizzard auth for Pilot-mode play.
  • WARNING: Your Sanctum of Domination is not on the COOLDOWN for all modes (Normal, Heroic, mythic).

We have NO GEAR REQUIREMENTS, but if your main specialization tank or heal, you should change it to DPS through this service. If you need tank or heal gear, you can use special drop function.

For pilot-mode we use the closest to you Vpn Server. That’s why before you will buy Sanctum of Domination Mythic Run boost carry please inform us about your location.

Be one of first who will kill Sylvanna Windrunner in the Mythic mode. Buy Sanctum of Domination Mythic, and OWN all other players on your Realm!