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Sylvana Windrunner Kill
Sylvana Windrunner Kill



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Sylvanna Windrunner kill

Description of the Service

The Sanctum of Domination open doors for the adventures. Now you can defeat the Sylvanna Windrunner and save Anduin from the Jailor’s chains. This is not regular service. That’s why we recommend to buy Sylvanna Windrunner kill right now for your better experience, and get the lot of fun from it!

For today, not many guilds and team close Sylvanna Windrunner for mythic mode. But we are one of them. Our Professional boosters team, can provide for you this service. We will collect for y our personal raid group, or you can book this service I our calendar. Through pass this service, we will carry you, until Sylvanna Windrunner will be killed.

Also, until Season two is go, you’ll get unique legendary achievement from pass this challenge!

You can chose in that mode Sylvanna Windrunner will be killed. Normal, heroic, or mythic (for better gear, And more experience)!

Your Reward

When you buy Sylvanna Windrunner kill in chosen mode, you’ll have good chance to get:

  • Reward: Ahead of curves: Sylvanna Windrunner.
  • Chance to gear legendary transmogrification effect for your weapon.
  • Personal legendary power for your Rune carver in the Torghast.
  • Chance to get 35 anima.
  • Chance to get rare mount.
  • Chance to get good gear from your great Vault in the Weekly Chest after Cooldown will drop to the next period.

In addition, you will get more experience and fun from killing Sylvanna Windrunner. Do not forget about your gear reward will depends from chosen mode (mythic, heroic, normal).

Also for this service available, function “Trade-loot”. This function is means, that other players with the same type of armor will share to you their drop.

By this function you can get Multiple to x7 Drop by one kill of Sylvanna Windrunner per Run!


To get this service you should assume about next things:

  • You already bought World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion.
  • You already up your character to 60th level and finish your plot.
  • You can share for us access for your character, if you chose the pilot-mode play.

We have no Gear requirements for this service, but if you’re tank or heal, we recommend to you respect to the DPS, and chose loot option to needed specialization. By this we can increase chance, profit and speed of this service for you.

Warning: if you choose pilot-play mode for this service, you should give to us information about your country and city. We use this info to set our VPN to the closest place to you, that can decrease chance to get attention from blizzard.