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Korthia Campaign Boost
Korthia Campaign Boost



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Korthia campaign carry

Description of the Service

Since the 9.1 was started, players can do the adventures in the new part of the Shadowlands, which is called Korthia. Here you can find new part of the plot for the Domination of the Jailer.

And also here you can find some new parts, like unlocking your flying mountain, and many of other. But unlocking Korthia and this adventure get boring, if you got many alts characters. So now you can buy unlocking Korthia and finish the campaign by the plot from the VictoryWow team!

Your Reward

When you buy boost Korthia campaign for the world of Warcraft; 9.1. The chains of the domination, you will get many surprises. From this service, you will get many rewards:

  • Fully completed Korthia campaign for your character.
  • Unlocked Korthia.
  • New part of the plot for the Shadowlands.
  • Some levels of your Renown right now.
  • Boost your conduits for the much higher levels.
  • A lot of gear, which included for the Korthia campaign, and can be boosted by anima reservoir.

And also a lot of fun and experience!


We have no gear requirements for this service, but don’t forget that it’s is available only for pilot-mode. That’s why before you’ll buy Korthia campaign carry, please be sure about:

  • You already bought Shadowlands expansion of the World of Warcraft game.
  • You don’t forget to complete your base campaign.
  • Your character is 60th level.

You can share to us access for your account.

To do this service much secure than it can be done, we always use VPN of your country. That’s why we can ask you about additional information, like your City and using this information we will Set our VPN to the closest place, which is near to you!

Stop trust in Luck or God. Be God and the lord of the Luck. Don’t waste your time and Korthia campaign part2 right now!