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Unlock Flying
Unlock Flying



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Unlock Flying skill 9.1

Description of the service

The 9.1. are already available. This is means, that y ou can stop endure no flying in the wow: SL. Right now you can buy boost flying unlock for the world of Warcraft: chains of the domination, and fly other the shadowlands for your 310% mount.

By mount you can farm faster, do your activities faster, play faster, and stay the best on your realm. So stop wasting your time, and buy full service for unlock fly mount right now!

Your Reward

From this service you’ll get:

  • Unlocking flying for the Shadowlands content.
  • A bit levels of Renown.
  • Fully completed Korthia.
  • A bit additional gold and anima.

And also your saved nerves, time and forces for your adventures in the new content patch of the world of Warcraft: 9.1. the chains of the domination.


We have no special gear requirements for this service, but before you’ll order your unlock flying mount, please be sure about:

  • You’ll get full of renown for the 9.0.5 cap.
  • You have already finished your Covenant Campaign.
  • You’ll already unlocked the Korthia.

If you don’t have one of this requirements, you can buy it in our shop for cheap!