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Buy Paladin 60 lvl Dwarf Female on LIGHTBRINGER

Almost BIS PVP/PVE Paladin PVP: 13 Rank - full marshal/fieldmarshal gear, enchanted Weapon - The Untamed Blade Trinkets - Scrolls of Blinding Light, Darkmoon card: Maelstrom, Zandalarian Hero Charm +other epic retry pvp gear All Commander battle mounts Reputation: League of Arathor: Exalted Silverwing Sentinenls: Exalted Stormpike Guard: Exalted Hydraxian Waterlords: Exalted Zandalar Tribe: Exalted PVE: T1: Full, T2: 5/8 full enchanted both Heal gear: Jindo's Hexxer, Lei of the Lifegiver, Scrolls, Corehound Belt, Peacekeeper Gauntlets, Jindo's Evil Eye Salamander Scale Pants, Hide of the Wild, Wild Growth Spaulders. Profs: Engineering 300 Alchemy: 300 Riding: 100% 1200 gold, flasks and chemistry in bank
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