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Job Vacancies for VictoryWow

Who said, that you can’t play the World of Warcraft and earn money, by providing services in game? You are good player? Maybe you can get 60 lvl on the Shadowlands less than 1 day? Or maybe you have a lot of friends, which need professional Boosting Services?

VictoryWow are Waiting for you! We’re trusted company, which have more than hundred clients every day. And we always in search for talented players, which can become part of our Big Team.

We can offer you:
  1. Regular job with good salary.
  2. Guaranteed payments on request.
  3. Friendly team.
  4. Job of your dream. You can play game, and earn money in same time!
So how about earn a bit money, friend! Join our team. We have Cookies and customers!


You know World of Warcraft like the back of your hand? Ok! This is work tired of waiting for you!

We are watching for professional boosters and players for next positions:
  1. PvP Arena Booster.
  2. Fast Leveling Booster.
  3. Professional Raider, which can be Raid Leader and coordinate other players.
  4. Gold Sellers.
  5. Routines Booster.
Also we have places, if you can do boring routines, like farming soul ashes, or can carry Torghast all layers.

In anyway, if you good in World of Warcraft, Just mail us!


If you will work with VictoryWow, you should:
  1. Be online in requested time. We’ll discuss comfortable time for you.
  2. Know all about VPN services. How they work. How you can use them to playing Wow.
  3. Complete Client orders in set time.
If you can’t complete client order in set time, you should inform about this us.

Your Salary

Your salary will depends from how many orders from our customers you’ll complete before you request the payment from us. The more you complete, the more you have.

Also before you start the Boosting work, we always specify the amount of remuneration for the service provided. So you will always know, how much money you’ll earn on this service!


If you know many players, which needed our services on the both side of the continent, you can join to our team, and stay our Professional Seller.

We will attach to you a team of boosters, and you will can do all that you want to get new client’s orders. The more clients will go from you, the more money you’ll earn!


All your responsibility is only find and sell our services to other peoples. We will create for you personal “Seller” account, which will keep records and calculate your wages.

We don’t ask how you get your client orders. All that we need from you is result!

Your Salary

Your salary will depends from the client customers’ cart. Usually it’s a % from order. You’ll get your money for the request, then the client order will be completed!
For today, VictoryWow are searching people for next positions:
  1. Professional World of Warcraft Booster.
    We have orders both for actual World of Warcraft: shadowlands and also for Wow:classic.
  2. VictoryWow ProSeller Agent.
    The person who will find new customers for our team!

Put your contacts by the Form Below, and our manager will contact you as soon as possible. Stop wasting your time. The job of your dream is waiting for you!

If you want to get more details, please contact us by the Chat, or other contact methods on this site!