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Mage 42 lvl Blood Elf Male SOLD

Paladin 60 lvl Blood Elf SOLD

Paladin 65 lvl Human SOLD

Hunter 70 lvl Orc Male SOLD

Warrior 70 lvl Orc Female SOLD

Priest 70 lvl Undead Female SOLD

Mage 67 lvl Undead Male SOLD

Warlock 67 lvl Undead Male

Druid 70 lvl Tauren Male


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Gradually, any online game begins to pall, World of Warcraft is no exception. How to relieve the boredom? Someone gathers a clan, someone pauses in the game, someone starts to level up other skills ... But these are just half-measures! What if you change the character? However, grinding is rather time-consuming and tedious as you need to start from scratch and go all the way from neophyte to master again and spend a lot of time and money. Not really!

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Buying a World of Warcraft account can be beneficial to those who create their own clan and need a character of a certain class to participate in raids. Why waste your time leveling up a class which you don’t like or simply find uninteresting, if you can buy a ready-made character and start playing!

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The only thing you need is to choose a server, race, desired level, side and profession. Yep, you can buy not necessarily a top character! Changing the World of Warcraft characters means getting not only a new skin, but also a completely new gameplay experience! This is an opportunity to look at the familiar from a different perspective.

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