One bookmark, One click, One victory! Victory (M)#9763

About Us

Who are we?
We are a community of professional players, enthusiasts and WOW fans from Eastern Europe.
Why are we here?
To adequately communicate, trade and, of course, kick some asses!
What do we offer?
Adequate operators, transparent business conduct, and 3 years of experience for the benefit of the community. If you buy a character from us, you get full access to the character and full access to an absolutely clean email account, to which the character is attached. We do not work with those who steal accounts! Only leveling, only hardcore. Disclaimer! ATTENTION! WE DO NOT BUY CHARACTERS IMMEDIATELY, WE PUT THEM UP FOR SALE. If this method does not suit you, do not offer us another method that is more convenient for you. The rules are not subject to change. We have already sold hundreds of characters and tens of thousands of gold. We value our reputation.